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3/23/10 07:56 pm - Writer's Block: Secret song

What's the most embarrassing CD or track in your music library? How often do you listen to it? Do you share it with your friends or keep it to yourself?
I think I have some Steps on my hard drive... :-S

10/23/09 10:39 am - how to brighten up a grey morning :-)

9/14/09 02:09 pm - Hydroptere Record - 04 Sep 2009

now this is my kind of "big boat"... :-D

7/9/09 07:09 am - c***

i am rather amused to see that today's featured article on wikipedia is a slightly sweary one, albeit within the context of the subject matter :-P

6/22/09 02:39 pm - i may actually vomit

just when you thought people couldn't laugh at newcastle united any more...
this is the new away kit. as much as i like banana & custard, that is a bit too much.

5/15/09 04:55 pm - pump it up jack pump it up

killing time waiting for a courier to turn up... what has happened since i last posted? well i have now been working "here" for over 5 years, which is, erm, blah. it's still as frustrating as ever sometimes, i still feel a bit isolated working alone (though obviously not being supervised is great), and i occasionally wonder what else might be out there. to that end, and to amuse/educate myself a little, i have obtained some mcse type materials to peruse.

no, i still haven't finished working on my boat. next month hopefully.

earlier this month g and i spent a long weekend in paris, both to visit my auntie & uncle and to mark a year together. paris is very nice, though it has some unbelievably long queues for stuff. the eurostar is a nice enough train ride but there isn't much scenery to see. photos to follow when i get round to it.

oh yeah, aquaphibian uploaded our photos from hadrian's wall here - enjoy!

i am liking new music from the grit and ricky warwick. might investigate green day when i get paid too.

where's this sodding dhl van?

4/12/09 03:10 pm - hadrian's wall, days 5-7

wednesday we walked 10.4 miles, from chollerford to matfen. it was supposed to be 9.9 to wallhouses, but (to cut a long story short) our b&b hostess turned out to be very unwelcoming so we buggered off somewhere else. the pub was superb however :-P

thursday felt like we were nearly home for the first time, covering just 8.9 miles to newburn via heddon on the wall. we stayed at the keelman which of course is the big lamp brewery tap, though unfortunately we were all too tired to sample the full range of ales :-/

the final leg was 11.6 miles along the tyne to wallsend. the extra 5 miles to tynemouth was a step too far so we got the metro to the pub, where beers were enjoyed. everyone hurt. the end.

4/7/09 05:33 pm - hadrian's wall, day 4

12.8 miles, from steel rigg to chollerford. tough morning over top of crags, lots of ups & downs, but stunning views. everyone in pain by the end, enjoying hot baths :-)

4/7/09 09:08 am - hadrian's wall, day 2/3

14.6 miles walked on sunday, from carlisle to banks. definitely caught the sun. b&b excellent :-)

yesterday we covered 12.8 miles over some bloody great hills, however (not surprisingly) this fell about 5 miles short of our plan. got a taxi to where we were staying, a bunkhouse/b&b in an old phone exchange, and it turned out I used to rent a flat from the owner. small world... everyone really tired, in bed by 10pm.

4/4/09 08:20 pm - hadrian's wall, day 1

...with no guarantee of being able to update further as we go!

14.4 miles walked today, from bowness on solway to carlisle. legs aching a little and i have caught the sun slightly. i think the dog is most tired of all 5 of us :-P
sadly not much evidence of wall seen today - i gather that matters will improve tomorrow.

3/3/09 10:57 pm - the representative from california has the floor

amongst all the bank-related palaver, last week there was a chink of light for some of us. hurry the fuck up now, oft!

which one of you lot will be the first to buy this shirt i wonder..? :-P

ahead of our jaunt along hadrian's wall, i have finally bought proper walking boots. or maybe i should say platform boots, since i feel like noddy holder in them.

it's now a fortnight since i launched the rejigged sailing club website, and it hasn't gone wrong yet. nor has anyone whinged about it, and there has only been one spambot try to register. by typing that i bet i have jinxed it though :-S

how is everyone out there? i'm tired...

2/20/09 10:37 am

your mind is on your health today and you may be thinking about ways to improve your diet and exercise program. the problem is that you also look forward to indulging yourself over the weekend and this may be incompatible with your idea of taking care of yourself. remember, it doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing approach. don't punish yourself for being human. allow some room for earthly pleasures without too much self-judgment.

1/29/09 11:00 pm - i am going to be typing this in my sleep

cd system32
dir *.dll /ash

multiply by 113.

1/27/09 09:40 pm - (that) texaco (feeling)

...so where was i? :-S

i see some stupid things at work, but last week took the biscuit. i had a workstation to install, for which i needed a network socket. the airport guys said there was one installed and patched, so i went to reccy the room. no sign of the socket, even when i phoned to confirm where it was, so they came down to show me... turns out it was behind the kitchen unit which had been fitted since then (!)

speaking of work things, still no word on losing the car for a van. ho hum. i have however requested some holiday; firstly in early april for walking hadrian's wall, then a long weekend in early may to go visit my aunt and uncle in paris. 32½ years and i've never been :-/

i've been redesigning the sailing club website, using wordpress. this means i have to get to grips with a little css, as i go. i'm not trying anything fancy so i'm making progress, but i can't help thinking i should have bought a book first... list styles anyone?

new red dwarf!!! :-D

i need more exercise (see icon).

12/16/08 11:06 pm - be quick or be dead

i'm off work this week, using up my holiday for the year... so far have just chilled a bit - played on g's wii, finished making xmas cards, started wrapping presents, tidied up my desktop a little, revisited the long-forgotten boat in my garage, that sort of thing. it's just nice to not be at work, though the time is going quicker than i would like. maybe i should try to get up before 10am tomorrow :-P

from "ask ginger" on www.thewildhearts.com :

fan: do you like marmite?
ginger: i love marmite and find it difficult to fully trust anyone who doesn't.

a man after my own heart, i've always said so :-)

the power supply fan on my pc is making a noise, i will have to do something about it. unfortunately this means unplugging a load of cables so i can get it out from behind my desk :-/

12/10/08 12:04 pm - metallica made a silly video :-P

12/8/08 04:50 pm - market harbour

i never post here any more... blah. i thought things might settle at work but i am still waiting - at least i have next week off and i was very glad to get that weekend on lindisfarne last month (might even upload photos some time!).

no news yet on the car/van exchange but although i'll be losing a very nice car, i should get taxed less out of my wages for the van, so it's a price worth paying. i'm slowly getting the office shipshape after an invasion of decomissioned equipment, about bloody time too!

on saturday g and i "did xmas shopping" - the interweb is great but sometimes you need to go to a shop and look at/feel what you're going to buy. also you occasionally find an absolute bargain, like the duvet cover set i found in next - reduced from £40 to £8-80 and it has dinosaurs on it :-P

home soon, the office is freezing and i am trying to shake off a lurgy so don't want to stay any longer than is absolutely necessary :-/

edit: get on with it!!!

11/14/08 04:41 pm

first things first, i had a meeting with "management" this morning, in which it was explained to me what cutbacks are being made in order to get through these "lean times". as i thought, my job is safe (unlike several unfortunate people). i will however have to give up my nice car for something which costs the company less to run, probably a postman pat van. disappointing, but i count myself fortunate to still have a job i guess.

off to lindisfarne with g for the weekend, we both need a nice relaxing weekend away from it all... :-)

11/11/08 08:13 pm - dead man leaving

i don't know if i've mentioned this before, but sometimes at the airport i get calls where the first thing they ask is "are you on site?"... they then proceed to ask me something the answer to which which does not depend on my location. makes me chuckle. :-P

today, for the first time in over a month, i left work at 5pm. as in, not late in any shape or form. i have, to all intents and purposes, finished my contribution to the nt → xp migration / 2d barcode upgrade, which means that hopefully things can get back to normal soon. there's still jobs to do, but a lot of them depend on other people doing / fixing stuff so i don't count them as "my" jobs. the bulk of it, the donkey work, is done, and i am a little tired to say the least (17 hours on my overtime sheet last month, 8 already this month). i guess i've learned stuff along the way, for example today i used a tap set for the first time, to bolt a scanner on a steel beam. that was a whole lot more successful than my soldering, which despite having had more practice at i still often find myself with not enough hands :-/

speaking of work, the company is "reviewing" aspects of the business in order to make sure they get through the current recession. there may be a few redundancies, though i think i'm safe at least by virtue of geography. however i am getting a visit from "management" on friday, for the first time in ages. ho hum.

11/3/08 11:23 pm - dead

can you put in more effort? can you strive with more determination? can you spare more hours? perhaps you could stop sleeping. just think how much time you could claw back then. perhaps you could clone yourself - then (maybe) you would manage to please all the people who seem to want you to be in so many different places at once. there are pressures on you now, but there are also great rewards on your horizon. to claim these you don't have to work as hard or worry as much as you think.

10/23/08 02:36 pm - chinese democracy release date!

no, seriously :-S

in tomorrow's news, some flying pigs will predict exactly when hell will freeze over.

10/8/08 08:04 am - day tripper

i thought last year was the last we'd see of the qe2 on the tyne... so imagine my surprise when she sailed past my window this morning.

10/7/08 11:18 pm - 10 = winter

wow, where the hell have i been the past couple of weeks?

the wildhearts gig was ace, and i am very sad that they aren't coming to newcastle on their december tour. i also enjoyed the maritime museum, but in general i can still live without london :-P

had a week off work after that, during which i did some work on my boat - though nowhere near as much as i should have. at the end of the week i sailed a laser at forfar which was much fun despite my rustiness.

work has been frustrating, tiring, quiet, busy, crazy, dirty and lots of other words. recently i have particularly wondered exactly what the fuss is about sata drives, which as far as i can see are prone to failing and a pain in the arse to take an image of.
starting next week the newcastle network gets upgraded from its current nt version to something based on xp. the users will see bugger all difference probably, since most of the applications in use are based on dos or telnet for example. leading up to this i have to upgrade the ram in all the workstations to 1gb, that's 102 machines folks! have done 27 so far and hopefully will finish this week... other crap permitting of course. the upgrade will take a couple of weeks probably, so october will be busy :-/

here's something to exercise your brain. :-)

i need a haircut. and sleep. not in that order.

9/18/08 10:27 pm - suckerpunch

i am very tired but generally ok. i seem to no longer have the energy to post here, sorry if that disappoints you but i haven't had much to say lately.

hopefully i can recharge next week, since i am off work :-)
this weekend i am going to london with g and sailing_mad to see the wildhearts. financially speaking this could be the only gig i go to before the end of the year (dammit!), so hopefully it will be a fucking doozy. it should be, they'll be performing my favourite album \m/

i actually almost enjoyed playing footy tonight. scored a goal and set 2 up. however i need my bed now...
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